High Quality Building and Maintenance... on time and within budget

Property Care Services offers a range of building, maintenance and repair services to a broad range of clients.

Good management adds value for property agencies and other similar organisations keen to enhance their brand reputation Early planning is essential and our experience in managing a variety of properties means that we are able to offer advice on a wide range of issues, from the provision of utility services to the installation of facilities in existing developments.

More importantly, we believe in working with our clients to deliver the best possible service to them and their tenants. This means minimising disruption whilst ensuring high quality building, repairs and maintenance programmes are achieved on time and within budget.

As well as numerous private and commercial clients our major corporate clients include:

  • The Church of England
  • Hardcastle & Hogarth Architects
  • Arena Housing Association
  • Private Home Owners
  • Security Upgrades (for the elderly and infirm)
  • Anchor (adaptations for the disabled)
  • Yates Walker
  • The Nugent Care Society